5@5: Rescue Mission For ‘Lifeless Body’ Finds Papa Smurf Balloon

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5@5: Rescue Mission For 'Lifeless Body' Finds Papa Smurf Balloon

Someone really blue it.

When a train passenger in Dusseldorf, Germany, saw a dead “bearded man in a blue coat and red trousers” near the railroad tracks Tuesday evening, he immediately reported it to authorities.

A helicopter crew soon spotted the potential victim and, indeed, he was wearing red pants, blue outerwear, a red cap and a white beard, UPI.com reports.

However, the so-called “lifeless body” was actually a partially deflated Papa Smurf balloon, according to the Mirror.

Members of the rescue crew said the balloon victim looked a little deflated,but was otherwise fine, according to a press release from the District Police Rhein-Kreis Neuss.

See the full story from Huffington Post here.

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