5@5: Man Sends Lookalike to Paternity Test to Avoid Paying Child Support

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5@5: Man Sends Lookalike to Paternity Test to Avoid Paying Child Support

This is Thomas Kenny, who made headlines after he sent another man to take a DNA test to avoid taking responsibility for his child or having to pay child maintenance.

Birmingham crown court heard that the 25-year-old was in a long-term relationship but fathered a child after an affair with another woman.

When the Child Support Agency ordered a DNA test, he sent someone else to provide the sample.

Kenny already had two children with his long-term partner, who was pregnant with the second child at the time of the affair.

“One way or another you sent someone in your place,” the judge said. “To deny you are the father of a child and send someone to give a false sample DNA sample is an extremely serious combination.

“How much you would have got away with defrauding the state is difficult to know, but is a minimum of £5,000 if you remained unemployed for the 18 years of the child’s life.”

He continued: “I have read references from people who suggest that you are normally a well-behaved individual but the facts show that you can be thoroughly dishonest and highly manipulative.

“I know you are said to be the loving father of two children by your longstanding relationship but this case shows you were prepared to disown a child of your own for financial gain. Morally you can not sink lower than that.”

Kenny was convicted of fraud and sentenced to a six-month jail sentence, suspended for 12 months, and will have to pay £1,385 in costs and compensation.

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