Which Is Worse? Pot Shop Operating Without a Permit? Or Cops Who Raid, Eat Pot and Play Darts at Shop They Just Raided [VIDEO]

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

Which is worse? A pot shop in Santa Anna California operating without a permit or the cops who busted in, raided the shop, made some rude comments about the customers of the shop, ripped security cameras off the walls, and getting caught on video eating edibles at the shop and then hanging out and playing darts in the shop?
This was all caught on cameras that the owners of the pot shop set up when they learned of the raid beforehand.  The footage, edited by attorney Matthew Pappas, opens with the police struggling to kick open the doors of the dispensary. When they enter the shop, the cops order everyone inside to get on the ground. Once the room is cleared, police joke about kicking leg amputee Marla James, who is in a motorized wheelchair.

There are 3 videos to watch in all


Be Just and Fear Not


Kick Marla In The Nub

California cops appear to eat pot-laced edibles during raid

Video May Show Cops Eating Weed Candy After Raiding Dispensary

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