Five Finger Death Punch Album Update

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The boys of Five Finger Death Punch are no strangers to hard work. After releasing their double album ‘The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 1 and 2’ the band has relentlessly toured in support of the albums.

However, guitarist Zoltan Bathory has released information on the band’s follow-up effort.

“We have 14 songs so far that are keepers,” says Bathory. “And musically they’re completely recorded. Out of those, Ivan [Moody] has put vocals on five of them. So we just have nine more to go.”

The band has been working on new material on and off since November, starting with a small stop at Hideout Recordings in Las Vegas to work with longtime producer Kevin Churko.

“We just have a good working relationship with Kevin, and he has the perfect demeanor for this band,” says Bathory. “So back in November we had a little break in between tours and we took about two weeks to lay down some ideas with him. Maybe four or five songs came out of those sessions. Then we just kept on going from there.”

Bathory has also reported on the sound of the material saying that, “So far, it’s a harder, faster record. We don’t have a slow song and I don’t think we’re gonna write one. So it’s just a higher energy effort.” As for why the material has been shaping up this way, “I think because when we started to write this time everybody was in a really good mood. The band has always been a well-oiled machine, but this is one time where we felt, ‘Wow, everyone has grown up in some way as a musician.’ We also stopped all the partying and the crazy shit and were really focused and sober. And because of that this record has been probably the most fun one to make. It also maybe contributed to everything being more up-tempo and energetic.”

There are no song titles yet, but Bathory says that one song, possibly named “Jekyll and Hyde”, has the potential to be a first single.

“That one has a funny story,” says Bathory. “Ivan doesn’t sleep at night, so it’s pretty often that he’ll call one of us at four or five in the morning and leave crazy messages on our phones. And what happened was, Jason was going through his voicemail and found dozens and dozens of these messages from Ivan. So he copied them onto a hard drive and then we pulled out different words and sentences and put them together. And that’s the verses of the song. They’re taken directly from Jason’s phone. It’s one of my favorite songs on the record, just because it’s so bizarre.”

However, Five Finger Death Punch has no plans to take a break anytime soon with upcoming U.S. and European tour dates.

Quotes courtesy of Revolver Magazine.

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