The Dumbest, Most Brilliant Airline Safety Video You Will Ever See [VIDEO]

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

Dumb, yet I watched it. Like, twice. Well played, Delta.

It’s actually pretty brilliant, if you think about it. You’ve heard the “safety speech” a bazillion times before you take off, but do you ever even really listen to it? Since it’s online now, they’ve cheesed it up by throwing in some popular YouTube memes. Afraid of flying or your first time? Well this takes care of that too.

From Delta’s YouTube channel:
We see you’re on the Internet. That’s great, because we made a safety video starring the Internet. Now, there’s a lot of Internet out there, and, as such, you might not be familiar with every character in our film. That’s why we’ve included the list below to help you figure out what’s what. 

0:03 Keyboard Cat
0:18 Double Rainbow Guy
0:26 Annoying Orange
0:30 Roomba Cat
0:45 Rahat’s Prank
1:05 Evolution of Dance
1:25 Slow Mo Guy
1:43 Harlem Shake
1:51 Deltalina
1:52 Screaming Goat
2:02 Internet Browser
2:23 Peanut Butter Jelly Time 
2:31 Dramatic Chipmunk
2:48 Charlie Bit My Finger
3:23 Clicking Finger
3:51 Overly Attached Girlfriend 
4:02 Ice Bucket Challenge
4:09 Dancing Baby (Dancing Baby Animation provided courtesy of Autodesk, Inc. © 1999)
4:15 Hamsters Eating Burritos 
4:25 Nyan Cat
4:32 Doge
4:48 Mentos & Coke

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