Jerry Cantrell Featured on Upcoming Deftones Album

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Jerry Cantrell Featured on Upcoming Deftones Album

Chino is doing an awesome job at keeping us on our toes with that new Deftones album, set to be released hopefully by this fall. And he just dropped another reason to get excited about it!

This past weekend, he told a Las Vegas radio station that Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains will make a riff or two on it:

“In Deftones songs, there’s not really any guitar solos per se, but there was a section in there where (there was room for) not necessarily a typical solo, but it had an area where it could use something like what he does, especially…just his style and the way he plays guitar. It’s awesome. It’s like you’re hearing a Deftones song, but all of a sudden, a little bit of Alice In Chains seeps its way in there, and it’s kind of neat.”

Chino also mentioned in a recent radio interview that the new album’s tentative release date will be September 25th of this year. Check out the interview here!

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