5@5: Take A Pill And Become A Cyborg [VIDEO]

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We all have like 10 different passwords to unlock our digital devices or access precious information we want to keep secret, but the problem, if you’re like me, is that you have 10 different passwords and you can’t remember what it is.

Fear not. Now all you have to do is take a pill to become a living, breathing human password. From Entrepreneur magazine comes the article….A quick soak in your gastric juices turns the pioneering pill on, triggering it to transmit an 18-bit, EKG-like signal from your insides. The ingestible micro computer’s (thankfully silent) signal would then automagically unlock your smartphone and other gadgets. Yes, you’ll actively be your very own password beacon for as long as the pill is still inside of you.

Regina Dugan, former director of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and current senior vice president of Motorola’s cutting-edge special projects team, is an outspoken champion of the pill, and of making the authentication process more human overall. At an event last year, Dugan said that once the tablet is swallowed, it basically turns you into a cyborg. Well, kind of.

“It means that my arms are like wires, my hands are like alligator clips — when I touch my phone, my computer, my door, my car, I’m authenticated in. It’s my first super power. I want that.”   Too bad the pill, developed with help from ingestible tech leader Proteus Digital Health, isn’t available for purchase just yet, despite successfully winning FDA approval. Dugan claims it’s “medically safe” enough to take up to 30 times a day every day.


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The Swallowable Pill That Makes You A Human Password

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