5@5: The Fight! Did Mayweather Actually Win?

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I had a chance to watch the Mayweather, Pacquiao fight at a friends house Saturday night, and while it was an ok fight, in my opinion, the consensuses is that Pac Man should have won that fight. Was that fight fixed?

Here are the judges’ scorecards for Saturday’s fight, a clear unanimous decision for Floyd Mayweather over Manny Pacquiao. If you are a normal human being, there’s nothing notable here; just a cool artifact of a megafight, and some relief in the knowledge that the judging accorded with reality—no given in this sport. If you are particularly conspiracy-minded, however, you see indisputable proof that the fight was fixed.

The “corner” notations above each column’s scores have Mayweather in the red corner and Pacquiao in the blue corner. This is the opposite of what actually happened, as can be seen in photos and video of the fight: Mayweather was in the blue corner, while Pacquiao was in the red.

This, according to the theory currently rocketing around the websocial mediaReddit, and our tips inbox, is a smoking gun. Its proponents believe that the three judges actually scored the bout a victory for Pacquiao, but because the corner notation was reversed, inadvertently awarded the fight to Mayweather.

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