Record Store Day 2015 Releases

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Record Store Day 2015 Releases

Ahhhhh, Record Store Day. It’s like Christmas. Got a list of some cool finds I’ll be on the lookout for this year!

311 -7″ vinyl
Grifter/Who’s Got The Herb?

Big Data -7″ vinyl

The Black Keys/Junior Kimbrough -7″ vinyl
Meet Me In The City 

Death Cab For A Cutie/Freedy Johnston -7″ colored vinyl
Bad Reputation

The Doors -LP
Strange Days

Florence + The Machine -LP
What Kind Of Man

Foo Fighters -10″ vinyl
Songs From The Laundry Room

Jimi Hendrix -7″ vinyl
Purple Haze/Freedom

In This Moment -7″ vinyl
Sex Metal Barbie

Metallica -cassette
No Life Til Leather

Mumford & Sons -7″ vinyl

Robert Plant -10″ vinyl
More Roar

Rise Against -10″ vinyl
Eco-Terrorist In Me

Stone Sour -12″ colored vinyl
Meanwhile In Burbank

Twenty One Pilots -12″ colored vinyl

U2 -two 12″ vinyl
Songs Of Innosence

Young The Giant -10″ vinyl
Mirrorball/Mind Over Matter 

That’s just a handful. Click here to see the full list, and be sure to hit up Grimey’s, The Groove, Third Man Records, Fond Object, CD Warehouse, The Great Escape, Alison’s, and McKay on April 18th!

Dave Grohl has the honors of being the official ambassador of Record Store Day this year. More info on it here!


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