The Most Interesting Man In The World Gets A Ticket!

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

Ok, so it wasn’t really Jonathan Goldsmith AKA The Most Interesting Man In The World, but the guy who used a cardboard cut out of the Actor to use the HOV Lanes in Washington State.

On Monday, a motorcycle trooper near Fife, Washington, pulled over a driver who was attempting to use the carpool lane by sticking a carboard cutout  in the passenger seat.

That’s when things got “interesting,” according to Washington State Patrol spokesman Guy Gill.

“The trooper and the driver had a good laugh about it but he was cited anyway… Our trooper give him a $124 ticket for violating [High Occupancy Vehicle] lane laws.”  The driver, who has not been identified by name, did make a half-hearted attempt to go through with the ruse, telling the officer, “He’s my best friend.”  He just sits here and doesn’t talk,”


Be  Just and Fear Not



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