Dave Grohl Takes Care of His Fans…Again!

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Dave Grohl Takes Care of His Fans...Again!

Oh, Dave.

This isn’t the first time he’s gone way out of his way for his fans. He’s stopped a sold-out show to hand a drumstick to a blind man in the audience. He chugged a beer on stage, even though he was sick to his stomach, just because the crowd wanted him to (video proof here), and now he’s going the extra mile for a man with terminal cancer. Grab the Kleenex box.

Ken Powell is 56 years old and has been battling melanoma cancer for 14 years. But it had become Stage 4 and terminal as of six years ago. Just as any brave cancer patient would, he made up a bucket list of tasks he will accomplish before he reaches the end. Top priority on the list- meeting Dave Grohl.

He almost knocked out that bucket list task at a recent show in Perth, Australia, but that was also the night Dave had food poisoning, which forced him to cancel all meet & greets with the fans.

But, everything happens for a reason, right?

What are the odds that the Foos ended up flying on a plane where the flight attendant just happened to know about Ken’s story and shared it with the band? They didn’t waste any time when they heard the story. Dave took his ‘Hi Ken.’ photo (pictured above), left him with free merch, autographs, and VIP tickets to their show in LA in September.

While we wait for those two to become united, see more of Ken’s story on his Facebook support page and his GoFundMe page, with proceeds benefitting the Melanoma Institute of Australia.

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