5@5: Please Don’t Pee On The Wall. It Will Pee Back On You

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

I don’t really believe that we have much of this problem in Nashville, but in San Francisco, it’s a much different scene, and they are trying to get people to stop urinating on walls. San Francisco is notorious for its stench in some parts, stemming from those who pee in public, and is looking for solutions. The problem is a growing concern according to the Chamber of Commerce who sees it as a quality-of-life issue. So they are going to try something that is already happening in Germany!

San Francisco’s Department of Public works,  is looking into a new weapon of sorts to combat those who urinate in the streets, alleys and on the sidewalks. It’s actually a high tech  liquid-resistant paint that would repel the waste, splashing it back at the offender.  The liquid-resistant paint is already being used in places like Hamburg, Germany, known for unruliness in its red-light district. A sign hangs there that warns not to pee there because the walls will pee back.


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