5@5: Yay…Science!

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5@5: Yay...Science!

Does anything else really need to be said? I mean it seems obvious but, Yay…. Science! Now there is proof! Study claims men who watch x-rated videos are less likely to suffer from ED and have a higher sex drive.

via Mirror:

Researchers Nicole Prause and James Pfaus recruited 280 men and asked them to meticulously record their porn viewing hours per week.

The men – who were straight, white and mostly in their early 20s – were also asked to fill out questionnaires on their sexual desire and activity.

The scientists found arousal rose to its highest level for men who watched more than two hours of porn per week.

It also increased the amount the men wanted to be with their partners.

Those who watched no porn at all had an ‘arousal score’ of just over 40. But for those who watched porn, the score was more than 50.

“This pattern suggests that those who view more visual sexual stimuli (VSS) are likely to have a higher sexual drive,” the scientists wrote in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

So there it is… you can feel better about yourself, you perv…


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