This AWESOME Picture Isn’t As Cute As We Think It Is

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

This picture of the baby Weasel isn’t as cute as everyone thinks it is. According to the guy who caught this picture.

Le-May said he was alerted by the “distressed squawking” from the woodpecker and he noticed its struggle with the mammal at Hornchurch County Park in London.

If you’ve heard of the term fight or flight, this is a rare case of fight and flight. The weasel wasn’t really riding the bird but trying to eat it.

Weasels are notorious nest robbers. And it looks as if Le-May got the perfect shot following a confrontation between a weasel and the woodpecker.

Le-May managed to capture this amazing shot and it has become a hit on Twitter.


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