Thieves Butt Dial Employer and Tell him They Are Going To Rob Him

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Dateline Florida: It seems that the residents of this state are not the brightest bulbs in the pack.

An accidental cellphone call landed two Florida men in jail after their employer heard them discussing plans to steal and sell $8,000 in construction equipment, according to police.

David Fanuelsen, 39, and Dean Brown, 22, remained in jail on Monday facing charges of felony grand theft.

Their troubles started when Fanuelsen, a construction worker, unintentionally butt dialed his boss from a phone in his back pocket last Tuesday night, the Key West Police Department said.

The employer, Stace Valenzuela, told Reuters he overheard the men discussing plans to sell company equipment.

He said he then realized that he had received an earlier accidental call in which the men planned the robbery in a voice message.


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