5@5: Two HS Girls Basketball Teams Suspended After Trying to Lose Same Game

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

In one of the strangest basketball games ever played, both Riverdale High School and Smyrna High School girls teams tried to lose the District 7-AAA consolation game on Saturday night. You’re probably asking why.

Well, due to the way the regional tournament was seeded, the loser of the consolation game would be placed on the other side of the regional tournament bracket as national powerhouse Blackman High School. Both Riverdale and Smyrna had already lost to Blackman earlier this season, and it appears both thought if they lost the game they would have a better chance to make it to the Region 4-AAA finals.

So the game got ridiculous. Both teams intentionally missed free throws. Numerous 10-second and half-court violations occurred.

USA Today has the full story covered here.



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