Woman Bites Man’s Manhood! Cringe worthy,but also hilarious!

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Woman Bites Man's Manhood! Cringe worthy,but also hilarious!

Most guys would love to be woken up by a little love. NO guy wants to wake up to his girlfriend or wife trying to bite it off! That is the cringe worthy part-having your manhood bitten off! OUCH! This all happened after he called her needy!  Here’s where the funny part comes in-punchlines!  1. Guess you could say she chewed more than she could bite off!  2.This girl isn’t the sharpest tool is the shed, luckily she doesn’t have the sharpest teeth either or his tool would be dead! 3. Sticks and stones may break my  bones, but her mouth really did hurt me…and little me!

The link to the full story is below… you’ve been warned fellas!


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