5@5: Lesson learned. Don’t be a Douche!

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

We’ve had what could be considered a terrible couple of days regarding our current weather situation, but we haven’t seen anything like Boston, Massachusetts. They’ve gotten like a s&$t ton of  snow. Like people have to dig out every day. Boston’s mayor has already said that drivers are allowed to keep a spot they dug out for 48 hours if they spent at least 10 hours digging it out, but you see.  There was this guy from New York.

A citizen of Boston posted an anonymous craigslist posting that he had put a bookshelf in the spot where he dug his parking place out. Well along comes this Douche from NY  and takes his spot. So what does the guy do when he gets home and finds this other car in his spot. He put all the snow back where he got it from and buried the other persons car. But he wasn’t totally indignant about it. He did leave the passenger door unobstructed. In case they had an emergency, like an inhaler or something.

Be Just and Fear Not




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