Jack White Sets The Record Straight on His Concert Rider and The Great Guac Controversy (VIDEO)

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

A couple of weeks ago Jack White sent his concert rider to The University of Oklahoma, that included a specific recipe for Guacamole dip. Of course the University paper took the story and ran with it and Jack started getting flack over his ridiculous demands.  Apparently these students just don’t get rock star humour. Go back and look at the old Van Halen rider which called for NO Brown M&M’s in a bowl full of them.  All of these guys put stupid stuff like this in their riders to make sure people are paying attention and to make sure the really important stuff is in there.

Jack wrote  an open letter addressing the situation: in his open letter — titled “For god sakes. Are we all this bored?” — White chastised the media for its continued coverage of the story, which he described as nothing more than click-bait. He clarified that the guacamole recipe was his tour manager’s “inside joke,” explaining, “It’s just something to break up the boredom, seeing who can make it best. Though i wouldn’t know because I’ve never had it. I can’t even make Kool Aid let alone cook any real food enough to have a “recipe.” sorry, i don’t have that talent. As for the prohibiting of bananas, White attributed it to a food allergy suffered by someone involved in his tour.

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