Radiohead Back in the Studio!

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Radiohead Back in the Studio!

Yep! Four years later, and we have an update on new ear candy from Radiohead. Drummer Philip Selway said it himself in a recent interview.

“We worked throughout the autumn up to just before Christmas, and now we’re just taking some time away for other projects. We’ll get back to it in March and we’ll make an assessment of where we are then, but we’ve been excited about what we’ve been doing so far. It’s by no means finished yet, so we’ve got a way to go. It’s been a productive time though.”

Looks like the guys are still making time for their side gigs too: Thom Yorke is head of Atoms for Peace, Jonny Greenwood does film scores (There’s not much he can’t do), and Selway does his own thing with solo albums. Good to see the boys still make time for each other.

Rock Square has the entire story here.

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