5@5: It’s all about the ‘Big Game!’

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

5@5 today is all about the “Big Game” coming up on Sunday. Starting around 4pm we’ll all gather at our favorite bar, or friends house to watch the pregame, and build up to kick off all while gorging ourselves on wings, hot dogs, hamburgers, guac and chips, and Beer! It’ll be all about the hype, the drama of “Deflategate” and can the Seahawks repeat last year and win it all defeating the favored New England Patriots. Oh, and lets not forget the Halftime performance and Katy Perry’s cleavage that will be on display, and the G.D. commercials! By the way. Can we please stop posting the commercials before the game? I mean, what’s the use of the build up around them if we’ve already seen them at least 10 time before the game right?

In all actuality we will only watch between 10-12 minutes of actual football being played!

This will be the 49th time two teams have faced each other to determine who will be the ‘World Champions’ of football. And of course by world champions we mean, here. Cause it’s not like the NFL plays against teams from around the world.

All I have to say is GO HAWKS!


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