Rock N’ Roll Industries Magazine – Featured Local Buzz Artists ‘War All The Time’

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

102.9 The Buzz ‘Local Buzz’ Artists (War All The Time) featured in ‘Rock N Roll Industries’ West-Hollywood Magazine!


In every issue of Rock N Roll Industries Magazine, we like to bring you a Featured Artist from one of the world’s talented musical cities, Nashville. A lot of the focus in Nashville is put on country music, but as said before…rock n’ roll lives in Music City! This issue’s Music City Featured Artist is… (drum-roll)… “War All The Time“.

War All The Time is a rock band based out of Nashville, TN right in the heart of Music City. Band members consist of: Weston Capone – Vocals, Elliott Harsh – Lead Guitar, Jay McPherson – Bass, & Josh Stubbs – Drums

This is a band that I have personally seen start from the beginning and successfully continue to make their way down the road to success. With all of the band’s hard work and dedication, War All The Time have made a name for themselves throughout the rock-scene in the Music City, with many performances and shows in the well-known music venues around Nashville. Their singles, “Deadman” & “America“, have gotten them much deserved recognition. The rock band has made their way into getting radio interviews on the Rock Radio Station & current radio-play in Nashville with their singles, as well as being honored with the opportunity to interview with ‘Breaking-Metal‘ of the SpikeTV Network. Go check them out! You can check out their interviews, music, and find more out about the band at the following link:, and also be sure to Like them on FacebookWar All The Time – check them out!

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