Jeff Ament Smack Talks Before Super Sunday!

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

Big Game coming up on Sunday, and let the smack talk begin! Pearl Jam Bassist Jeff Ament recently took some time to poke some fun at the New England Patriots in a Fox Sports piece

“Richard Sherman is the second coming of Muhammad Ali and Marshawn Lynch the model of anti-establishment that Boston hasn’t known since Paul Revere.

“Pete Carroll has Tom Cable, Darrell Bevell, Dan Quinn and the mighty Ken Norton Jr., while Bill Belichick has deflated footballs and Spygate.

“Seattle has Jimi Hendrix and Boston has, well, Boston. Seattle has the 12th man, and Boston tore down the only place it had with a real advantage: Boston Garden.

“Oh, yeah, and the Patriots don’t even have Boston as they reside in Foxboro which is actually closer to Providence, R.I., than Boston.

“The organization so didn’t believe in Boston they renamed themselves the New England Patriots and moved out of town.

“Go ‘Hawks!”

I strongly concur Jeff!

Be Just and Fear Not


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