NBC Today Host, Hoda Kotb Calls Bikers Losers!

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I’ve never watched their show, and  now I have more reason to NOT ever watch. Seems that Hoda Kotb  ‘angered’ the motorcycle community with her comments, recounting the time they went to Alabama Jacks in Key Largo, “We dressed in leather, like a couple of losers really, like at the biker bar.”  Bikers immediately took to facebook to express their outrage with comments such as,  “I am seriously offended at Hoda’s reference to drrssing in leather and going to a biker bar as “dressing as losers”. Obviously she needs to get her head out of her dressing room and look at the facts. We are lawyers, doctors, secretaries, mechanics, military, police, college graduates, mothers and fathers.”

I don’t know about  you, but, I ride (not in a while, until I get a new bike) and I have lots of friends who ride! Hoda. I got a whole bag for you. Some of the most genuine and honorable people you will ever meet are riders.   Uh, also, we wear leather to protect ourselves from simple people like you who are too stupid to pay attention to bikers on the road.

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Hoda Kotb Calls Bikers Losers!

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