Pardon Me. Where’s Your Bathroom? Oh, Where the 5 Foot Boa Lives?

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

Imagine if  you will. You’re at a PR Firm talking about your next big idea and you have to use the restroom.  You ask, “Where’s your restroom?” They say, oh, down the hall where the 5 FOOT BOA CONSTRICTOR IS! Uh, thanks. I’ll just poop on myself.  Actucally, it went down, or came up like this.

The horror story reportedly went down at a downtown PR and marketing firm, where an executive noticed the water levels looked high and began plunging the toilet. According to a statement later released by employees of the “chic PR [snake toilet] firm,” the giant snake just popped out of the bowl and started slithering towards the woman.

Animal control officers eventually found the snake cowering behind the toilet, but it didn’t stay shy for long—the handler got bit during the recovery.

Hahah did you plan on sleeping tonight?

Be Just and Fear Not


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