Billy Corgan says 90’s bands are just roving Vegas Acts

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Billy Corgan has been making a lot of noise lately about his feelings on The Smashing Pumpkins new music lately and also on performing older music. Recently he discussed with Guitar World “The Oceania” tour where they played the entire album front to back. He compared the tour to 90’s artist ‘who are afraid to play new music.’

From Alternative nation he is quoted: ”

“Yeah, but it wasn’t a ‘eff you’ challenge. It was more of a, ‘Look, we’ve gotta pick something to stand for here.’ And to me that was the simplest way to do it. And by and large, the audiences were fantastic. They accepted it as a premise. Cool show, cool vibe, well played. And then you kind of loosen up at the end and let it roll from there. As opposed to the classic model of, ‘Hey, I know you guys wanna hear all the old hits, but let me play this new one for you..’

And then everyone gets out their phones, and we’ve all been at that show where the famous artist is apologizing to the audience for playing that one new song. I’ve read reviews of bands from my generation where the reviewers literally wrote, ‘Thank god they didn’t play any new songs.’ And I’m thinking, wow, that is just heresy. Then all we become are roving Vegas acts, and that’s a really weird place to be. Because how do you ever get any traction out of that? You’re not going to.”

Smashing Pumpkins new album “Moments to an Elegy” is out now. From that album check out their live performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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