5@5: NFL Player donates his game check to a little girl for Christmas [VIDEO]

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Today’s 5@5 topic:

A 4-year-old girl, Ava Urerra from Las Vegas, was born with half a heart.  She is a Raider’s fan.

Jay Glazer from Fox sports learned of young Ava and put her in touch with the Oakland Raiders, who hooked her up.  The Raiders let Ava visit the team, gave her signed Raiders gear, toys,  made her team captain.

Taking it a step beyond that second year player Menelik Watson went as far to donate his whole $18,000 game check to make sure that Ava has an awesome Christmas!

Watson was quoted saying to Ava’s father, “Sir, I would like to make sure Ava has the greatest holiday, here is my game check.”

Tis the season!  Well done sir!

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