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With all the negative vibes happening all over the country; isn’t about time we had something nice to see? After all the negative news reports regarding Ferguson MO, and the Eric Garner case in NYC and the backlash against police, this is something I think we all need to see and share.

The story from al.com goes as such:

Officer William Stacy was called to the Dollar General on Pinson Valley Parkway when employees caught the woman trying to steal a dozen eggs, Tarrant Police Chief Dennis Reno said.

The woman had her young children in the car. She told Officer Stacy that she was only stealing because she was trying to feed her children.

Stacy talked with Dollar General, and they said they wouldn’t prosecute. So Stacy made an offer.

“He said, ‘If I give you these eggs, will you promise that you won’t shoplift anymore?'” Reno said. “He knew that she was telling the truth and that’s the reason he went in and bought the eggs.”

Another customer caught what happened next on video and posted it to fb. It has more than 300,000 views already.

See for yourself

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