Follow Up: Scott Stapp Asks Fans for Money and Blames Obama

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Creed fans were probably a little shocked when they found out that Scott Stapp opened up about it via Facebook. He cleared up rumors about being gay and drunk all the time: false. However, he admitted to being homeless, hungry, and very very broke. See the story on my page here.

Dude must’ve had a pretty rough Thanksgiving, because he’s opened up even more by releasing two more videos. Also, in a recent interview with KISS 92.5 of Toronto (from TMZ), he’s calling out to his fans to help dig him out of this mess by asking them for $480,000 to launch a solo album and write his first book. Oh, and he’s blaming the president for lacking cash. Alternative Press has the full story covered here.

The first Public Statement released on Facebook has been deleted, but the second, third, and radio interview are below.

Public Statement #2

Public Statement #3

Interview from KISS 92.5 and TMZ

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