5@5! A Must Have For Christmas. The Lego Strip Club!

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

You know this is going to be the hot item that everyone wants for Christmas This Year. The Lego Strip Club!

The set, produced by Citizen Brick, includes four minifigures and a club with zebra-print couches and a pole. And like a night at an exotic dance joint, these Legos aren’t cheap: The whole thing costs $275

This unofficial Lego strip club features the popular G-rated toys wearing G-strings.

Citizen Brick owner Joe Trupia told The Huffington Post he’s sold a few hundred so far. The company has been customizing Legos since 2010. It produced a popular“Breaking Bad”-like set last year.

“We’re fanatically doing things that Lego wouldn’t do,”

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