Minnesota woman looking for lost dog in Mt. Juliet

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Story from The Tennessean


A Minnesota woman remains optimistic about finding her family’s dog that was lost on a recent trip to Mt. Juliet, which motivated a community group to raise money to fly in the owner to look for the animal.

Victoria Rosenquist stayed 10 days in Mt. Juliet hoping to find her dog named Jack after the Hip Mt. Juliet Facebook group raised money for a flight and residents provided lodging.

The black Labrador jumped out of David and Victoria Rosenquist’s vehicle in late October at Providence Markeplace, which prompted an initial search that many community members joined.

The Rosenquists had to return to Minnesota without Jack, but several reported sightings led Hip Mt. Juliet to raise money to bring Rosenquist back because the dog is too timid to come up to strangers.

Reported sightings have been in rural areas, and Rosenquist thinks Jack could be eating food where farm animals are outside.

Anyone with information can call Mt. Juliet’s animal control department at 615-773-5533 or Wilson County Animal Control at 615-444-9775.


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