Seems that Andy’s Last Name Is Quite Appropriate

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

Wow! I mean, if your last name is Dick, and it fits. Seems Andy Dick has been arrested for stealing some dudes $1000 necklace.  Dude’s rap sheet is almost as long as Lindsey Lohans!

Be Just And Fear Not


From TMZ.

Andy Dick, who frequently doesn’t seem to be doing well, reportedly rode up to the man with the expensive chain last week and asked if he could see it. Because the necklace’s owner recognized Dick, he obliged. Sure, Andy Dick, why not. Dick then rode off with the stranger’s jewelry.

The man reported the incident, but cops were unable to find Andy Dick until spotting him outside of his Hollywood apartment last night. TMZ reports they arrested him for grand theftand he is currently in jail on a $25,000 bail.

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