That Dave Grohl. He Says The Craziest Things!

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By David Renshaw , November 5, 2014

Oh that Dave Grohl. He says some of the crazietst stuff. He says that bands who play old albums in full are lazy and well..
Here’s what he had to say. He even addresses “what if the foo’s did that” ponderance. And Taylor Hawkins response.
What’s your thoughts on bands that tour behind an old album?

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Read on!
Dave Grohl has said that he does not approve of bands revisiting old albums on their anniversary, while admitting that he considered re-recording Foo Fighters’ debut album to “piss people off”.

‘Foo Fighters’ was released in July 1995, the year after Nirvana split following Kurt Cobain’s suicide. Recorded almost entirely by Grohl himself, the frontman has revealed that he considered re-recording the album with his bandmates to mark its 20th birthday – only to be talked out of the idea.
Speaking to NME for a major feature in this week’s issue, which is on newsstands and available digitally from today (November 5), Grohl said drummer Taylor Hawkins told him it was “the worst idea ever”.

“At one point I thought, ‘You know what would be really funny? To re-record the first Foo Fighters record as the band we are now’ – ‘cos the first record isn’t the Foo Fighters, it’s just me. So what if, for the 20th anniversary, we went in and re-recorded the first record – same songs, same arrangements, in sequence – but as the Foo Fighters 2014? Taylor was like, ‘Are you out of your f$*king mind?! That’s the worst idea ever! People would f$*king hate it!’ And Pat [Smear, guitar] said, ‘That’s exactly why we should do it!'”



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