Idiots Butt Dial 911, Give Away Details Of Their Recent Crime [VIDEO]

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

These two win the award for dumbest criminals of the year.  And judging by their mugshots, we’re not that surprised by it either.

After getting away with robbing a house in Roswell, NM, these two dopes (37-year-old Aaron Burrell and 35-year-old Yvonne Thyberg) managed to pocket/butt dial 911 and unknowingly give away all of the details of their crime to dispatchers who listened in on their conversation for about 45 minutes.  It didn’t take long for police to confirm that there was indeed a burglary, track the phone call and get to Burrell.  His excuse was great.  He denied calling 911 and said that the audio was picked up from an adjacent car where the occupants were talking very loudly.  Yeah, that’s how it works.

Video at the link:

911 Pocket Dial Leads to Arrest of 2 on Burglary Charges

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