Foo Fighters Release ‘Something From Nothing’ Music Video

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

These guys have the world eating out of the palm of their hands! First track released off Sonic Highways.

As you know, their documentary series debuted last Friday, October 16th on HBO, which also featured another track from the album called “The Feast and The Famine.” According to Alternative Press, in a recent interview with Billboard, Dave Grohl said, “It’s basically the history of American music broken down to the cultural roots of each place: Why did Chicago become a blues capital? Why did country go to Nashville? Why did the first psychedelic band, Thirteenth Floor Elevators, come from Austin? How did the second line rhythm make its way to New Orleans? It’s crazy.”

The first episode of Sonic Highways featured Chicago, one of the cities in which the album was recorded. When the episode aired, they announced a last-minute and super exclusive show at Cubby Bear in Chicago that night. Meanwhile, another super exclusive show in Washington DC has been announced for this Friday, which is another city featured on the album. Anybody seeing a pattern emerging here? Nashville is one of those cities…I’m just sayin’…

Something From Nothing

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