Wrong Way!

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

A Moscow man has been driving down the wrong side of the road, five days a week… for the last five years! He does this everyday on his way to work to shave 15 minutes off his journey.
A group of activists campaigning for safer roads in Moscow have recorded him several times. Many other drivers and sometimes Police will witness this, but do nothing about it.
Here is a description of the video:

Driver speeds through a lane reserved for oncoming traffic until he comes to a crash barrier separating North and South flowing traffic.

The driver then puts on his hazard lights and waits until the traffic light stops the flow of traffic down the expressway coming in the other direction, and, as soon as the last car passes, puts down his foot down to accelerate past the stationary traffic on his own side.

He then drives right up to the lights and edges in at the front of the queue ahead of everybody else, seconds before the lights change and the cars start off again. Full story: http://home.bt.com/lifestyle/motoring/skoda-drives-the-wrong-way-down-motorway-every-day-for-five-years-11363937752092

It’s extrememly dangerous… but you have to admit how crafty this guy is.

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