Evil Dead the Musical doesn’t disappoint.

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Evil Dead the Musical doesn't disappoint.

Look who’s Evil now.

Watch your back Rocky Horror Picture show, “Evil Dead The Musical” is currently touring the nation and might just be the horror musical of the new generation.

Based Evil Dead and Evil Dead II,  the play features an irreverent form of humor that breaks down the 4th wall of both of it’s feature film inspirations and leaves Evil Dead fans begging for more (including front rowers drenched with blood in the “splatterzone.”)

What can you expect: blood, college humor, killer Evil Dead references and puns, blood, hot girls, hilarious songs, blood, a new Halloween dance that rivals the Time Warp, hilarious special effects, and more blood.

If you’re a fan of either of the Evil Dead movies, or an S-Mart shopper,  this is  a no brainer… go see it, you’ll be happy you did.

EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL is playing at TPAC  at 7pm & 10:30pm tonight 10/18/14.

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