Excuse Me M’am. Do You Know You Have Something Living In Your Nose?

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Excuse Me M'am. Do You Know You Have Something Living In Your Nose?

Someone retweed this story about, well, this. from http://www.news-press.com/


A British woman suffered  nose bleeds over a month. She thought  it was due to a recent accident she was involved in on a motorcycle. But that wasn’t the problem. NOPE. She had a 3 INCH LONG LEECH LIVING IN HER NOSE!!!   FOR OVER A MONTH! AAHHHH!!!!

She said “When I was in the shower, he would come right out as far as my bottom lip and I could see him sticking out the bottom of my nose. So when that happened, I jumped out of the shower to look really closely in the mirror and I saw ridges on him. That’s when I realized he was an animal.”

She rushed to the hospital  where they removed the leech with tweezers and forceps. How would you have handled this? The Question still remains though. How did the leech get in there. The rest of the story is here.

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