Twerkin’ For A Livin’!

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

Crazy story coming to you from Florida, believe it or not!

This chick is enjoying her six seconds of fame, and a lot of it. She quit her job as a kindergarten teacher to be twerking for a living. On top of that, she says that what she makes in six seconds, she would have to teach for four months.

Your daddy must be so proud… Well, he actually is. He’s the ‘I’ll support her no matter what’ kinda guys. She says her granny would love it. And her brother? He’s her videographer!

Of course she’s gotten some major backlash on the interwebs, but at least her 2 million followers got her back…

‘cuz Florida.

Huffington Post has the whole story covered here.

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